Our Services


We provide a domestic service for individuals who need the support in cleaning, dusting, changing bins and doing the laundry. Our care staff provide a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene within the service users home enduring the service users are safe and comfortable within their home environment.


Our experienced care staff will provide personal care to service users, they will also respect the service users choice, respect their privacy and dignity at all times when providing personal care. Our experienced staff are fully trained to carry out and support service users with daily tasks.

  • Bathing, showering, strip wash & bed baths
  • Continence care ( changing incontinence pads and maintaining hygiene at all time)
  • Toilet support ( assisting clients to the toilet, respecting their privacy and maintaining their dignity at all times)
  • Assist clients with stoma bags
  • Emptying and changing catheter bags
  • Assisting service users with getting undressed and dressed
  • Preparing meals (ensuring our staff maintain hygiene when preparing meals for services users of their choice)


Is for the service users who need 24 hour care & support within their home. This service is for service users who wish to stay at home where they are comfortable rather then move to a nursing or residential home.

Our company provides a tailored service to meet service users needs & requirements for individuals receiving care and support.

  • Basic care ( is for those who do not require personal care, but requires support with preparing meals, cleaning and keeping service users company )
  • Personal care
  • Specialised live in care


Support and assistance at night so the service user will feel safe and secure within their home.

It is the service users choice to stay at home and receive night care from our dedicated staff who will ensure the service users are safe in their home.

  • Night sits (where members of staff will tend to service users needs throughout the night, ensuring they are safe)
  • Day sits (members of staff will sit with service users and tend to their need during the day, while family members who are caring for their loved ones can go out and do there daily activities etc..)


Is to ensure service users have support to assist them with their social life, such as doing their shopping or going out for social needs etc..

  • Shopping, assisting in going out socialising with friends and family
  • Assisting and supporting with appointments (GP or hospital appointments)
  • Assisting with going outdoors of service users choice (park or garden centres etc..)


Our experienced staff will provide care and support for people with terminal illnesses and whom are end of life. We will use the holistic approach to provide palliative care ensuring the service users are comfortable. Our experienced staff will support and care with empathy, compassion and provide end of life care along side with other health care professionals.

Learning Disability

We will support service users with learning disabilities ensuring their personal care needs, preparing meals and assisting them with daily living. We also assist service users in social care needs.

Supported Living

Our well trained staff will provide service users the support where the fundamented belief is shared that every person has a right to lead their own life. The service user has the right to choose…

  • who they live with
  • where they live
  • who supports them and how