Social Care & Palliative Care

Reliable, cost-efficient and professional palliative care and social care through advanced planning. At West Midlands Home Care, we have the most responsible and reliable staff that will provide the best support based on your specific needs.

Social Care

One of our primary goals when delivering social care is to promote choice and independence. We understand how important it is for you to maintain your independence. Doing so can be very rewarding that’s why we make sure that support is provided according to what you want. When it comes to social care, we assist our customers on things that would be too difficult or impossible for them to do. We place you at the heart of our approach to social care so that you’ll continue to be able to lead the life you want.

WMHC social care service ensures that you benefit from quality support to help you with your social life. Whether you need to attend to an appointment, go shopping or go out for your social needs, we will be on your side in every step of the way. We will also help you when going out to socialise with family and friends.

Do you have your next hospital or GP appointment? Worried about shopping? Or maybe, you need assistance in going to the park or a garden centre. No matter what social care service you want, our expert carers are equipped with many years of industry knowledge and experience to cater to your needs.

Palliative Care

Everyone has the right to choose where they want to spend the remaining days of their life, and most of people will prefer to stay in their home, which is their personal abode. At West Midlands Home Care, we offer the necessary domiciliary support and care to allow you and your loved ones to make the right choice.

Learning about you or your loved one’s terminal illness can be very difficult. This can be one of the most trying moments in a person’s life. Here at WMHC, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that you and your dear ones will be able to cope during this very difficult time. We do this by providing empathetic and reliable end-of-life care services, making life less stressful and more comfortable for every individual involved.

The primary object of our palliative care service is to attain the best quality of life, not just for you but also your family. As an essential part of our sensitive end-of-life care service, our team ensures that you are always treated as an individual with respect and dignity. We will design a personalised care plan that will always take into account your choices, needs and preferences.

Wide Range of Professional Services for your Comfort

We will provide support after treatments for your condition. We can also deliver a wide range of outstanding services to make sure that you’re always comfortable and able to remain active. These services include complex care, social companionship and personal care. These are provided at perfect intervals to suit your needs and convenience. We work to keep you comfortable at all times and maintain your dignity.